Erasmus 2022

   After months of hard work and improvement, the moment has finally come. Last week, our highschool welcomed the Erasmus delegation formed by students and teachers from four partner countries: Turkey, North Macedonia, Italy and Poland.

   They were beyondly excited to go through every single aspect of our lifestyle, our way of perceiving things and mostly, they were enthusiastic to discover our rich culture. Both students and teachers visited our robotics club, where for about 2 hours, they got in touch with the place that has become a second home for each and every on of us.

   We had prepared them a short history presentation of our club and then, we had an entartaining part in the mechanic section. To make the whole experience even more interactive, we taught them how to make a cellulose gear, wich is related to our "Headquarters" Afterwards, the foreign students left tremendously delighted and with a great view on our robotics club. In order to keep the Erasmus memory alive and untouchable, we will place the gear on the branch dediacted to the project, making it part of our club’s history and development.

   We also got very cheerful as the feedback was very effective and as the experience we had as hosts during the Erasmus project which promotes the healthy partnership between nations that share their culture, creating a good framework for teenagers’ development. These values guide us too, via FTC, and regarding this, The Evolution Robotics Club would like to show its huge gratitude on the project that certainly has a massive impact on our team.